Haiku 223-224

The brown paper bag
top folded over three times.
Lunch transportation.

Three pairs of diners
Three lunches served and three cleared.
Three generous tips.


7 thoughts on “Haiku 223-224

  1. Brown paper bag lunches are one of those cultural things I have had to learn since emigrating to America. The first time I got a letter from the school asking for my kid to be given a “brown bag lunch”, I had to look it up to find out if it meant something more specific than just a lunch transported inside a brown paper bag. In Britain, we would just say a packed lunch but I think the implication of the brown bag seems to be that all of its contents have to be disposable.

  2. When I was young that was how everyone brought lunch to school (unless you had a metal lunch box with a thermos). We saved the bag and took it home to use again until it wore out. But now, I think you are right, it’s all meant to be thrown out. You have heard of “brown bag lunches” for adults, too, I am sure, where you are listening to a lecture or something at lunchtime and you bring your own lunch. A tricky term, this brown bag thing.

  3. In my childhood, a lunch was usually packed in an old margarine tub. I’ve no idea where ours came from since we didn’t use margarine. Every element of packaging – tubs, spoon, flask – had to come home each day in that tub ready for the next day. For most of my childhood I was in receipt of free school dinners so packed lunches for me were not routine.

  4. My grandmother told us she took her lunch to school in a bucket (this was about 1910). She persisted in calling our lunch boxes, lunch buckets. We just could not get over this, a lunch BUCKET.

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