Bless Me

From Spring Cleaning, a poetry collection published in 2015.

Bless Me

Old man in the grocery store parking lot.
Trunk of his car open.
He is bent
nearly double
to set his grocery bags in it. Stands up
hits his head on the open-not-high-enough
and swears

mail art postcard, 2013.


13 thoughts on “Bless Me

  1. Me too. I found it interesting because we expect OLD people to be like children, not having adult feelings or behavior now that they are OLD, and I often see people behaving this way to elders. Now that I am becoming one, well, I’m fighting back.

  2. Thank you, yes, I painted the postcard (I think it was an ad card that came in the mail, so slick surface). Put a layer of gloss medium. Then painted for the face and scratched through. Then another layer of medium. The shiny ad cards sometimes are hard to get the paint to adhere but I find the medium seems to secure it better or at least prevent scratching all the paint off down to the original surface *unless that is what you want, then don’t do it!

  3. There was a very sad report on the radio (yes, we only listen to the radio) the other day about how old people, ie anyone considered to be off the labour market simply disappear. No one is interested in them any more. They are considered a burden, unattractive, and as voters they are expected to vote conservative so need no persuasion from one side, and are considered a waste of time by the other. The biggest stigma in society is to be old.

  4. Thank you. The slick surface can also be covered over with gesso, which helps with paint adhesion, but…then it’s not slick and that’s what I like. Letting the paint dry well and putting medium over seems to “fix” and then I get that nice slick painting experience and yet not have the whole darn paint part peel off…

  5. Universal human event, I am thinking, hitting your head on the trunk lid, or so on. Me, I have a permanent bruise on my leg from running into the open door of the dishwasher. I see it, I walk into it, again and again.

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