Snippets and Grudges

From January and February, 2017.


22 thoughts on “Snippets and Grudges

  1. I love these, Claudia! I imagine you as the lady sitting in the corner by the door with a look of bemused incomprehension on her face. You can see what they’re doing, but can’t fathom why they’d want to.

      • A good idea, Claudia, if a bit lonely on my ownsome – though I do see myself dressed in a toga as Anthony crying havoc and letting slip the dogs of war! But then, again, I do much prefer the simpler life and letting bygones be bygones.

      • Yes, I pretty much feel the same way. I get angry, I’m ready to do a telling-off, and then…what’s the point, except to make me feel ashamed of myself. But the idea of a revenge party has some appeal for everyone, I think. We’ve all felt those feelings…

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