Snippets and Grudges

From January and February, 2017.


22 thoughts on “Snippets and Grudges

  1. I love these, Claudia! I imagine you as the lady sitting in the corner by the door with a look of bemused incomprehension on her face. You can see what they’re doing, but can’t fathom why they’d want to.

  2. Yes, that is me, exactly, and in more circumstances than these. Lucky for me I have my little notebook at the ready to take notes or make a sketch of it, keeps my opinions to myself, kind of…

  3. A good idea, Claudia, if a bit lonely on my ownsome – though I do see myself dressed in a toga as Anthony crying havoc and letting slip the dogs of war! But then, again, I do much prefer the simpler life and letting bygones be bygones.

  4. Yes, I pretty much feel the same way. I get angry, I’m ready to do a telling-off, and then…what’s the point, except to make me feel ashamed of myself. But the idea of a revenge party has some appeal for everyone, I think. We’ve all felt those feelings…

  5. You know, I pretty much feel the same. I enjoy my space more and more as I get older. Although I don’t know what I am saying, I was this way at age 8, too.

  6. You were probably born like that 🙂 My earliest memory of school is sitting on my own with my back to the rest of the class, eating the biscuits I’d brought from home, while the teacher had all the rest of them gathered around doing some lesson or other. I thought joining in was optional.

  7. I remember thinking all the time that I had no idea why these kids were doing what they were doing or why they would want to, either, dismissing the whole thing and getting out a book.

  8. Sounds like we are kindred spirits. It’s passed on to the next generation too. We were hauled up before our son’s teacher in his first year at would it be junior high? Age eleven? He hadn’t been doing any of his homework. When asked why not, he replied that he had preferred not to.

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