At the Very Edge of It

From the collection Spring Cleaning, published 2015.

At the Very Edge of It

The man
very fat
old, not elderly
using a cane and
back bent in a shallow curve
his gaze directed at the ground.
He totters on the curb
cane in the street feet on the sidewalk.
He inches forward one foot the other foot
I hold my breath.
One foot goes over
the structure shakes but holds its balance
The other foot takes a quick step down
the cane hops
All three points back on the same level
foot foot cane.
It seems as if it should be enough but
the street must be crossed.
I cannot watch anymore.

Clay tile, Bird with a cane, 2012.


11 thoughts on “At the Very Edge of It

  1. WOW – lovely, when I started to read, I could not stop. Thanks so much and glad I met you.
    Very well written – ♥ it. I will be checking and following you as I would love to see more of you.
    I found you as Dewey Hop nominated you for my blog-aholic award. Well done, and hope to see your post when paying it forward. Please link back to me then I can read your post and then also meet your nominees. Thanks blog-aholic friend.

  2. Thank you so much. Makes my day to hear this. Sometimes I wonder if I’m going in the right direction and then I read something like this – it really encourages me! Thank you again.

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