Snippets and Gratitude/Ingratitude

From February, 2017.


11 thoughts on “Snippets and Gratitude/Ingratitude

  1. Optimism and ingratitude perfectly incapacitated. I’m fascinated by that fern pattern that’s emerged in the mossy green colour on the top snippet. That’s wonderful.

  2. Thanks! As for the fern pattern, very easy. It was a blob of paint on a cardboard or something, and I printed it down on the other card, which was dry. There has to be a good amount of paint in the blob – but not too much – to get this effect, it comes from pulling up the first card and the little ridges and so on that are left. But if you have too much paint, you just get another blob, although one with a pattern in it, but you can’t see it as well. Hope this makes sense…???

  3. Love how you did your backgrounds! And isn’t it funny how some people can see the glass as half full and others see the same one as empty. 😃

  4. Yes, I’ve always been interested in this – the matter of people’s perspective. And how a crowd of people never have the same opinion. On anything.

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