From the collection Spring Cleaning, published in 2015.


The verdict is in.
The tree on the edge of the parking lot
planted as a skinny youth fifty years ago
is dead
and I can tell you that this is the case
because the tree
has missed its April cue to leaf out
first time ever.

Acrylics, 6″ x 6″, 2015.

13 thoughts on “Announcement

  1. Yes. The whole row is in trouble. Too many years of salt from the road in the winter and probably not enough water given the surroundings of so much asphalt and concrete.

  2. Yes, that miserable slow decline. Pine. Hmmm. That is interesting to think about. But I think of pine trees the opposite – they so often seem to thrive in cracks and places no one else likes, at least around here.

  3. Thank you. I hate to see a tree dying or dead. Although not so much if it is in a forest or wooded area, but in a lonely little square of ground next to a street – it is painful, I think.

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