From Spring Cleaning, a collection published in 2015.


I need to paint this room again
I need to
and I am beginning to think
this need
is not about the room
but about me.
Paint is cheap therapy
if I am looking for therapy
but after a point
paint is paint.
Paint is paint.
I need to write this down.

A paint test site, evaluating paints and their weathering properties, Ambler, PA.


5 thoughts on “Analysis

  1. Yes! The transformative power of changing a space in order to change something within ourselves. A fresh lick of paint is somehow renewing and invigorating for us just as decluttering a space can help our minds feel sharper and less muddled.

  2. Paint is cheap therapy but I think I’m getting too old to do it myself… I’d rather hire someone to paint a room. Painting a canvas is a whole different matter! πŸŽ¨πŸ‘ Enjoyed your poem, Claudia πŸ˜„ And what a great photo! Such interesting patterns in the samples.

  3. I have seen this both ways. For me personally. Change on the outside prompting inner and vice versa. Preparing a space for change to happen is a step into that change. But just doing that and then expecting change to appear and fit – not good. It’s once again what you see it as and do with it. Paint by itself not enough although I’ve certainly tried this route in the past…

  4. Thank you. I’ve just persuaded my husband to hire a painter to do a job we would have done ourselves in the past. Enough is enough. !!! That paint chip experiment area is fun to visit (next door to my gym) every so often and see what’s changed.

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