Magnetic Collage Poetry: Three Poems from Saturday 3/25/17

I had a little time on Saturday afternoon and so I looked into the magnetic poetry box. Here are three very little collage poems from that bit of time. I put their titles beneath their pictures.


21 thoughts on “Magnetic Collage Poetry: Three Poems from Saturday 3/25/17

  1. Same here… little seedlings are becoming root-bound waiting for the weather to warm. I’m so tired of gray….oh, and I hope your husband is recovering nicely!

  2. These poems reminded me very much of the poetry of Ted Hughes. It is not just the focus on the natural world as a means to illuminate human truths and mirror emotions but also the syntax and rhythm.

  3. Thank you. Wow! This is high praise. Thank you for seeing so much in my work – this poem and others. It means a lot to me, how closely you read them and what you get from them.

  4. …You can make good poems out of these? I particularly love the last one!

    My then-boyfriend’s housemates had a set, but everyone just arranged them to make dirty sounding phrases. It was a very lewd fridge.

  5. Thank you! I really like this magnetic poetry thing (internet version, I never tried the one actually on the fridge, although like you I had friends who did, and funny, the same thing happened, everything a little off-color…hmmm … are these the same people?)anyway, I saw people here in blog world doing it, and tried it myself. It is almost like being in a poetry trance. I loved it, I’ll do more.

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