Haiku 219

White-haired professor.
Tenured. Bearded. Sarcastic.
Thinks he’s cool. Isn’t.


9 thoughts on “Haiku 219

  1. Oooh. The cutting nature of that single word. I love the way it lands at the end like a thud. I’ve known many educators who try to engage students by attempting to be “cool” when they would actually be cooler and more appealing if they just quit trying so hard to build a facade.

  2. Anyone putting on façade usually ends up repairing it a lot, I find. I wrote this in Arcadia U library – a professor was hanging around with some students before class at the next table and I was cringing.

  3. Yes, I think this kind of person is to be found everywhere at campuses, hanging around the library, opining to the students wherever there is an audience! This haiku just slipped out, inspired by a real-life example…!!!

  4. Yes, I was sitting in the library of a local college doing poetry marathoning and this guy was waiting to get into his classroom with a group of his students and the whole thing really took me back to my student days (about 35+ years ago) and I marveled that the type still exists, EXACTLY the same.

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