Haiku 213

The window half raised
wood blinds slap against the sill
like boats at a dock



15 thoughts on “Haiku 213

  1. Thank you. I see the image in my mind and just try to describe it. I like haiku for its discipline. Nothing extra, and it’s a challenge to get the point across in a small space. Like a painting.

  2. Logistics… I need a lake, a speedboat, a speedboat driver who knows how to drive for a skier, skis, etc. Not part of my life today. I do think that given all this, I could get back up on skis…no slalom, no one hand on the towbar, no crossing the wake…just straight standup skiing. On a really hot summer day with a crowd in the boat cheering me on.

  3. If you ever go on holidays, maybe you could make that lake your destination. I know some people have regular holidays. Others (like us) never go away anywhere. If you’re like us, then I can see the difficulty.

  4. We take trips, but waterskiing isn’t easily found as a rental type thing – people who do it own their own boats, etc. (We had a lot of friends with boats, not having one ourselves, back then) I can try the windsurfing kind of thing at a resort, though, or even at the New Jersey shore, that is a day trip from here. Hmmm. Maybe this summer if my health holds up and some other thing doesn’t fall off me and put a wrench in the operations, as I have had the last few summers. Hmmmm…

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