A Regular Comfort

From Spring Cleaning, a collection published in 2015.

A Regular Comfort

The car wash and it’s one of those fancy ones
where they do the whole car inside and out better than new
and I see how things go there
every day in that big blue building beside the highway
The guys working there
they all move at the same pace
all day long they don’t hurry and they never stop
except when they gather out back to smoke.
The cars line up in the morning
Owners are rushed off
to somewhere else for the day
The guys working there move
all day long washing and polishing.
They play the radio good and loud
to hear it above the water and the vacuums
and all day long
everything goes at its own pace.
End of the day the clean cars are lined up
going home fresh and polished
all of them done and the guys working there
go home. The day is over and
it went at its own pace.

"Can They Fix My Car?" - collage, 2004, 11" x 14".

“Can They Fix My Car?” – collage, 2004, 11″ x 14″.

6 thoughts on “A Regular Comfort

  1. Thank you. I run at a trail in a park, and the parking lot is next to a car detail center. I’ve watched those guys at work for years and there is a rhythm to all they do. It seemed natural to write about them in the way this poem turned out, I think, just seemed to fall out of my head this way. I am very happy you felt it too, made me feel I’d gotten the story out two ways, words and rhythm.

  2. I love the way the rhythm of the poem supports the theme of working at a steady pace and life flowing at a steady, regular pace. It also made me nostalgic for when I used to have an immaculate car. Once I had three kids, my days of having a neat and tidy car were over because it was a choice between that or my sanity. Now I do this insane thing of cleaning it to perfection just before we go on long trips in the car when it is going to end up its very messiest.

  3. Thank you. This car wash is next to a park where I often go and I have observed them in all seasons and times of day. For some reason it’s a very interesting place to me and especially how they get so much done in one day.

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