Tanka 45, and it’s the first day of spring.

One turn of the world
the invisible line crossed
the daffodils knew
the fox running in the grass
tells the rest of us.

“Sun Salutation”, mixed media, 2009.


21 thoughts on “Tanka 45, and it’s the first day of spring.

  1. The daffodils who were blooming before the snow are limp and lying on the ground. But the greens are still strong and I hope for more blooms, plus, there are some that haven’t emerged yet. I am so happy to see this day.

  2. I am hoping my daffodils were not too early in poking out of the earth. They have been under a layer of ice for several days now. I hope they endure. And I hope that proper Spring weather is here now.

  3. Thank you. I think the daffodils knew through their roots, deep down in the earth! Because they arrive right on time every year, don’t they, and I know I look for them.

  4. Claudia, wonderful painting and tanka, and very responsive readers. In appreciation to all, I compose this tanka, Sspring To Life:

    winter has an end
    sprout or poke the earth again
    sun salutes new start
    foxy creatures on the run
    life has its fair share

  5. I think I remember reading somewhere Carl Jung saying that plants are the first knowledge, exactly because they’re rooted in the earth. Makes nonsense of the Hades concept doesn’t it?

  6. Goes to show that there are a few lines involved 🙂 I was thinking of the angle of the sun in relation to the equator (I may be putting this incorrectly as geometry isn’t really my thing). I’m certainly feeling a profound restlessness for spring…a real tease this year… we had flurries this morning followed by rain.

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