I Marvel at What Words Can Do

Yesterday was filled up with snow and I didn’t like it much. The wind and the enforced indoor day made me feel trapped. And when I did go out, shoveling snow was exhausting since it was so icy and heavy.

I needed to escape. I remembered the magnetic word poetry thing and I went back into that world. Once I started I couldn’t stop. Now, I could string out the reveal of what I produced, but I’m just going to put them all in this one place. They are each quite short.

In any case, they pulled me back into a better frame of mind. Isn’t that enough?


18 thoughts on “I Marvel at What Words Can Do

  1. These are wonderful, Claudia. No wonder why they put you in such a better mood.
    That first one made me laugh (as I read with a cat on my lap), and I also really liked the one about the lost landscape of memory.

  2. What a harvest of creativity πŸ™‚ my favourites were the one about the cat with no need to blush (I have a little King) and chocolate in bed.

    • Thank you. It was fun. Seeing words in random groups just makes me itch to put them together, or to let the ones that seem to be trying to get to each other, do that! And so many ideas come from this process, I have a lot saved up for regular writing.

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