From Look Winter in the Face, a poetry collection published in 2015.


Truck toiling up the hill
on the highway
crowded cars backing up behind it
and it’s carrying roofing materials
and some kind of pipe.
People impatient but I’m not
because I’m liking looking at the truck
the truck has a dignity to it
a useful ungainly elegance
as it shifts down to finish up the hill and go on
to whoever is needing a roof
and a big pile of pipes.
That’s it and that’s plenty.

Tree-trimming trucks, February, 2016.

Tree-trimming trucks, February, 2016.


4 thoughts on “Devotion

  1. Thank you. I love trucks and I am always thinking about what they might be doing with the items they are carrying – appliances? building materials? Sometimes those giant steel beams or big concrete forms for drainage systems. I’m glad I’m not driving the truck, though, I think that would be scary.

  2. I always get nervous when I am driving behind a truck carrying a load of pipes or joists because, when I was a young child, I witnessed some come loose and spill all over the road. Thankfully it was late at night so the road was not busy and vehicles could dodge out of the way so no accidents occurred – or at least none that I witnessed – but the anxiety of that has stayed with me.

  3. Yes, a similar thing for me when a rock came off a dump truck and broke out windshield. The suddenness of it. You’re right, it leaves a mark in your memory.

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