Lots of people are doing this magnetic poetry thing and I have been reading the results and saying, “Wow!”

Finally, today, I gave it a try myself. It was a whole lot of fun. I can say “Wow!” about the experience, yes, I can.

I don’t know what this poem means but I enjoyed coming up with it and I am sure I’ll try it again. Thank you to everybody whose poems I’ve read in this form – you have inspired me and introduced me to yet another great poetry activity.

OK, here goes.

Disillusioned small


I ache after a fluff-drunk day
a lazy goddess whispering with a rusty tongue
I smear over shiny language with a hot finger
the sun a raw egg in the sky
I cry beneath it.


12 thoughts on “Disillusioned

  1. The oracle was speaking with your voice, Claudia when she sent you this message! It made me grin from ear to ear. I hope you do some more of these; you’re a natural 🙂 What’s strange is that I have a poem that I’ve never posted about a raw egg sun. Nothing to do with the magnets.

  2. Thank you. I am glad you liked it. I had a lot of fun doing it – it’s kind of like snippeting but not exactly. I hope to see your raw egg sun poem…???

  3. I did like it. You make completely different connections to the ones I make. A handful of words can be shaped so many ways! My poem has a good image in it (the raw egg one) but it rambles too much. I’ll work on it.

  4. Yours does seem like one of your snippets. I guess it’s kind of the same process.

    It’s strange though–some days the Oracle just doesn’t want to send a message. 🙂

  5. Thank you. I found this process very absorbing. Different from snippets though related. But not that much. Doing this, it’s as if my eyes picked out phrases in one piece as I continued to look over and scroll through the groups. Looking quickly was better than studying the words and considering. I liked it. Sort of like, cross your eyes and just letting things go.

  6. About 20 years ago someone gave me a set of Shakespeare inspired words for the refrigerator – it was an ongoing family process where members would stop by, pause and randomly replace words in a Haiku. Of course, when we replaced the refrigerator with a stainless steel one the magnets wouldn’t stick….the kitchen was never the same! Love your work!

  7. This is great :)) I think you managed to ‘smear over shiny words’ with this poem. In other words you took some loaded words and made them speak with freshness.

  8. Thank you. I really enjoyed this process and I’ll do it again. I think it would be useful even for just coming up with lines for poems here and there, and then going off and writing the rest from that inspiration, because of what you said, it seems to force a different take on commonly used words.

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