Haiku 200-207

The car moves forward
without the least conviction.
Safe to say they’re lost.

Oh, no, not again.
A blankness behind my eyes
where the map should be.

Enormous window
its streaky glass separates
rivers of fabric

Scuffed, faded, peeling:
the green linoleum floor
despairs of its looks

The pale drapes ripple
A river of tired fabric
puddled on the sill.

What circumstances
could have prompted the purchase
of this wan pink paint?

The elevator
complains every chance it gets
the stairs – not a word.

The hot afternoon
calls through the open window
for some attention.

19 thoughts on “Haiku 200-207

  1. Thank you. It’s hard for me to separate them from the circumstances that inspired them (that I know, but the reader doesn’t) so I love hearing what ones attract attention and for what reasons. Because the funny thing is, every one of them will be someone’s favorite. Makes me feel great that this can happen, connections!

  2. Thank you. Each one has a specific place or event or whatever that prompted it, so for me they are diary entries, kind of. And for the reader, bringing up associations that they have. I love seeing this kind of process happen.

  3. Thank you. Traveling through buildings odd things strike me; I usually take the stairs if I can (going at my own pace appeals to me and I don’t like enclosed spaces) and that’s what made me think of this one.

  4. I’ve had that moment, many times, of finding a blank space where the map should be. I love how your gentle humor shines in these. How I wish the hot afternoon was calling through my window right now!

  5. Every day of each life is full of these and they are so interesting, just grabbing them right out of the air and writing down average events, that’s what this is. But sliced up like this, the details get noticed, I like doing that.

  6. Thank you. I am certainly living in a very densely populated world, that is for sure. The pink paint, I’m thinking about that again, this poem bringing it back up, and I am almost indignant all over again at the bla-ness, when it could be – !!! – or at least, if a less in your face effect is wanted, a clear pink…

  7. Thank you. I have pretty much no visual memory and get lost in my own neighborhood. Maps are an abstract concept to me. I go along by following a list of directions. Or…not following. It’s kind of become my approach to life. Set out and keep adjusting, because that blank space really does give a lot of freedom. Good thing I like wandering. And I am with you about the hot afternoon – we had snow today. Ugh.

  8. I have to differ here, because I think life is mostly made of interesting moments, and I have trouble keeping up. I will admit to being pretty easily amused, though.

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