From the poetry collection Look Winter in the Face, 2015.


Look at
the grimy salty street
the filthy cars
the mounds of dirty snow pushed against the curb
the thick glassy ice
the frozen drain pipe.
Look at
the icicle hanging from the eaves
the end broken off
spearing the leafless lilac bush
where the chickadees rest a little
before it gets dark.

Winter tree and a red bird, mail art postcard.

Winter tree and a red bird, mail art postcard.


27 thoughts on “Developing

  1. That’s the side of winter I dislike. For a while, everything looks so white and crisp and sparkly and then it just deteriorates into muck and grit and yet more grey. That’s one of the reasons that seeing cardinals is such a joy in winter, that splash of vivid red among all the dull grey.

  2. I like the tone of this…a refreshing change…noting the filth and ‘yukiness’ (for lack of a better word). I like the feel in the art too (for me highlighting the warmth of the little bird)

  3. Ironically, this helps me envision spring. Of course, the fact that we haven’t had a winter to speak of this year may have something to do with it. At least the green is starting to appear.

  4. Yes, I feel the same way. I notice cardinals in the winter much more than in the rest of the year, just for that reason, I think. Your eye craves bright.

  5. You know, so much winter imagery and poetry is all about white and clean and pretty and crisp and so on. And that’s not what I see all winter! There are different moods to it, the grimy aftermath being one of them.

  6. Yes, us too, no real winter this year (not sorry) and this poem reminded me of when I wrote it, we had had a lot of snow and quite a bit the year before, so, I found it interesting to think of what a different perspective a warm winter makes. And I also am really happy to see spring coming. Feeling we need it this year more than others, for some reason.

  7. Like the radio shows (we only have the radio) where people guffaw with laughter all the way through, and even when one of them says something serious, most of the other guests will make some smart alec remark to take the seriousness out of it. They make me so angry, the crass stupidity of it all.

  8. It’s the fashion, I think, not to take anything seriously. I am out of step, as I mean everything I say. Sounds weird, and it causes me a lot of looks and people not getting me, but, I have no time for playing around, and so on, I am just not interested.

  9. No, me neither. I’m lucky to live in a country where it’s easy to talk about controversial issues and argue about politics and current affairs. Husband says it’s because the people I know are all dog people and they tend to be bolshy, pinko, commie bastard big mouths. He could have a point.

  10. It depends who I’m talking to. I can’t argue with the children, that upsets me, but anyone who isn’t close it doesn’t bother me if we don’t see eye to eye. It gives me a different perspective on them.

  11. More really cold weather for us this weekend. I thought about putting the snow scoop in the garage but decided to leave it out to ward off heavy snowfalls 😉

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