From Look Winter in the Face, published 2015.


The rotted tree no one cares a thing about it
it won’t fall on anything
being where it is
so you
you turn your attention to these over here
they have some kind of future.
Prune and replant.

Tree, 2016. Drawn in a digital tablet program on the phone using my finger on the screen.

Tree, 2016. Drawn in a digital tablet program on the phone using my finger on the screen.


21 thoughts on “Detach

  1. With trees as with life, we must focus our investment of time and energy and nurturing on the things that will flourish and thrive rather than the things that are moribund.

  2. Thank you. There is something about this phone app and just tracing the finger around that I really like. (Plus the ability to erase lines you don’t like, tap tap!)

  3. Thank you. I am glad. Somewhere I read that trees have a lifespan (many of them, some of course longer!) about that of a human, and I have always remembered that, and I think of trees in a human way now, if you know what I mean, with life stages and experiences that can illuminate human life experiences. I like to be outside and I get a lot of ideas from what I see around me.

  4. Yes, because we have our limited resources. And also, everything has its own time to flourish, and then to pass on, like the dead tree. There is a dignity to the ones that came before that we recognize, but we have to put our efforts into the present.

  5. If I do, I have not noticed, but I am sure they are there, because I myself am just as busy giving other people looks for what they are doing on their phones. Like everything else, we all have an opinion! But as long as my nose is buried in my own affairs, I am happy and can withstand any amount of odd looks (Been getting them all my life!) !!!

  6. Funny you should say that. One of my earliest school memories was of playing with the big wooden building blocks. These were blocks the size of bricks. Having refused for a long time to have anything to do with what was going on in the classroom, taking my chair into a corner and playing with stuff I brought from home, I decided to take over. I had a whole group of kids building a raft probably inspired by the Kontiki which the teacher thought was pretty weird as playing with the bricks had never been a group activity before. But I remember her being horrified when I showed her ‘the hold’, a box I’d built in the middle and inside I’d put three cylinder shaped ‘bricks’ that I announced was the dynamite. This was in the days of IRA activity remember. It was downhill all the way after that

  7. I am about to split my sides laughing. You showed promise at an early age, that is all I have to say! Fantastic! I felt a bond here – in kindergarten I was supervising a whole crew of kids in the block area, the idea we were building a hospital (I had even wrapped these little people figures in white paper to be doctor outfits). I am bossing these kids around and they are all working away when the teacher reprimanded me for taking charge and making them do what I wanted (which they seemed perfectly happy to be doing). I was astounded and I told her, “I have to, they don’t have any ideas themselves.” I still remember the indignation I felt. Obviously I had improved the situation, hadn’t I?

  8. Wow! I think we must be estranged sisters! I don’t remember being a bossy kid, just the kind who couldn’t abide seeing aimless activity. If you needed hands to build a hospital or a sea-going raft, you have to whip them into line. What a reply! I bet they didn’t have any ideas themselves!

  9. Sisters under the skin, as they say. I don’t think I was bossy, really; more that I, like you, had ideas and plans, and said, Hey, let’s do this thing or that thing, and you get it going.

  10. I think it’s more a sign of knowing your own mind than of being a control freak. Most people don’t really know what they want, even adults, which is why they are so easily conned by unscrupulous demagogues.

  11. I do understand what you mean Claudia, and that’s the most beautiful thing about being a writer. The ability of being able to see the world both in its real form and in its imaginative form, this ability helps us to sync with the universe and see the world as an endless stream of data and images set out there for us to pick and analyze.

  12. Thank you. I have sort of resisted digital art like this, but…the finger part somehow changed things for me. It’s something that is unique to this form, and, I just like the feel of it!

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