Deep Sea Fishing

From the poetry collection published in 2015, Look Winter in the Face.

Deep Sea Fishing

I’m driving down this highway
Good weather nice day
I’m liking it
I’m in no hurry
and I’m going good and fast
Looking in the mirror
just to admire the view
of what I’m leaving behind. I see
the shark-mouth of a great big car
coming fast at me
too close
I didn’t expect that kind of thing
right at this particular moment and
it just doesn’t fit in with my
easygoing highway mood
shark-mouth silver teeth wide and sharp
in the mirror and
The idea of being a small fish
about to get swallowed up
I am exploring the thought of the chewing up and digesting
of me
by the shark-mouth
just when
Shark-mouth swings left
Accelerates. Passes.
It’s going to take a few minutes
until I get that open road highway thing back.

Artist trading card, 2014.

Artist trading card, 2014.


10 thoughts on “Deep Sea Fishing

  1. My feeling is that the sharks like getting close and snug… I quite like this poem…highway driving can be so pleasant until …

  2. I love the extended metaphor of the shark and the fish. That is precisely how intimidating it feels when a vehicle is approaching in that manner. It is one of the reasons actually that, three years on, I have not yet adjusted to driving in the Philly area. Drivers here can be so aggressive and I find it very unsettling.

  3. I am with you. I don’t have the same competitive instinct I had when I was younger. Sadly, I admit to being the shark, way back when, and now I see how I must have scared a lot of people, because I was a die-hard tailgater…

  4. I have always been a sensible driver but after a decade of living in a rural area I definitely have a lower threshold for tolerating aggressive drivers than I did, for example, when I lived in the orbit of London.

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