Tanka 35

Tight-lipped, a secret
balks at revealing itself
but can be coaxed out
by threat or promise or bribe
or the relief of telling


"I Couldn't Keep the Secret" - mail art postcard, mixed media, 2013.

“I Couldn’t Keep the Secret” – mail art postcard, mixed media, 2013.


14 thoughts on “Tanka 35

  1. Thank you. Secrets, a two edged sword! The very thought of something being secret makes it so irresistibly tempting to discuss, never mind if you’d never thought of it that way, you’d also never have talked…

  2. I’m a very good secret keeper. I had years of practice maintaining strict legal confidentiality within a small community so I know I’m air tight. But I very much identify with that idea of releasing the secret just for the relief of no longer being burdened with it. That’s the only thing that’s ever tempted me to share a secret but I kept my lips sealed all the same.

  3. I know. I am good at keeping most secrets, if it is important. If it is a surprise birthday party, don’t tell me. I get too excited and blurt things out.

  4. I hate when patio furniture does that.
    I don’t mind those occasional limericks
    or tunes from Gypsy.
    Have I said too much ? –


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