Snippets and People With Problems


23 thoughts on “Snippets and People With Problems

  1. With the second one, the white print marks at the bottom make me think of the tire marks from skidding car wheels which combines nicely with the snippet. I really love the first one because I think it’s really insightful. I think the modern ethos of working is counter-productive. All that pressure doesn’t make people more efficient or effective; the stress actually does the opposite.

  2. Yes. Sometimes I think these snippets are the opening lines of a novel (if only I were any good at thinking of what happens next. Maybe I should just line up the snippets and let them decide!)

  3. Thank you. You know, with snippets it is very easy to fall into melodramatic phrasing (worthy of pulp fiction, sometimes) or take the odd alignments of words in sort of an affected way. I try to steer away from this. I wondered about “squashed” but in the end, I felt the same way. Kind of a different angle on the “overworked wage slave” situation, I thought, and I liked the lighter feeling of it. Much different from if it had been “crushed”.

  4. Thank you. It is funny once again how randomly selected background and the snippet work together. I don’t know how it happens but it does. I thought of lines on the road with that second one, myself. Plus I sometimes have felt myself to be that driver, or else coming close to it, with all my eye issues. The first one, I think of how the work world has changed since I started to work in 1980. Not worse, just different stresses and demands, but everyone, as in the past, does not feel them the same way or deal with them equally well.

  5. I like that tornado idea. I grew up in an area where each spring tornados came along and in a couple of instances destroyed houses. And the word “squashed” can describe what a car looks like with a house roof on it…

  6. And the thing is, as bad as it is for a car to be destroyed or a house to lose its roof, a car squashed by a roof looks embarrassed. Like it should have known better to be where it was.

  7. Oh dear!! “Missing her glasses” has me laughing so much (in remembered sympathy) that I might be a danger on the road just now, too!

  8. You know, I started working 37 years ago, and there was plenty of stress, but it was different from today’s – the uncertainty, the constant change, and so on, were not present. You knew your environment, so to speak. I do think today things are a lot harder, over all, and I feel for people starting their careers. Although I also see a lot of good in how things are today (thinking of discrimination and work hours and so on). I guess the whole idea is, working is a challenge, no matter what you do or when. And often in ways you would not expect or anticipate.

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