Tanka 27

This poem was written for my little cat Martok, a bright and loving spirit and sympathetic companion.

Little cat. Sit down.
Right here. Next to me. (I pat
the seat beside me.)
Two friends. The end of the day.
We are together. Two friends.


Martok, 2012, at home.


24 thoughts on “Tanka 27

  1. That’s the best way to think of the animals we share our home with. They are friends. Like friends, if we annoy them or hurt them, they can choose to leave and never come back. Cats anyway.

  2. I’d love one like Martok. Our tom cats have been outdoor, independent cats, the neutered one, Branwell had a hard time with Finbar, and the females have all been more or less tolerant of having us in their house, but have never encouraged contact.

  3. That, Claudia, so describes my ol’ cat (soon to be 20) – that little pat on the pillow always gets his attention. Now, however, he’s decided that HOWLING at 4:30 am is funny….and when I get up, he purrs. Ha!

  4. We’ve had all kinds, but Martok is truly something special. I think it is because of his early life – hit by a car as a tiny kitten (we think, it’s not exactly known); rescued and raised in the clinic; and then to the adoption center where he marked us out and we fell for him!

  5. There’s nothing quite like the companionship of a cat. Since they can be aloof, I always feel like they are exercising a choice to come sit with us that feels like a gift. Satchi isn’t a lap cat at all but he asks for cuddles; Peanut is definitely a lap cat and likes to be wherever the people are.

  6. Your post reminded me of Morris who was with me for 11 years. Most of that time he was my significant other and I felt like we had shared so much. He shared a significant part of my life time with me and he enjoyed it most when there was just the 2 of us (before that man came along, with his dog, and we got married and it was never quite the same after that). When I was single he had my lap all to himself. I slept with my arm around him. I laughed with him and cried with him. He was a big part of my world. Thanks for the reminder 😊

  7. You’re welcome. I had a cat, Arthur, before I was married (this is 35 years ago, now, I guess) and he never took to my husband and I think he felt the loss of our twosomeness. He did really like our son, though he (the cat) died when the son was still small, oddly enough. Families! Pets and people.

  8. Exactly – I think it was the loss of our twosomeness that he missed, (in addition to living with a pesky dog). We have a sweet feline now who is a real outside girl – a gentle warrior! 😊

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