Tanka 34

Well-heeled businessman.
Non-swimmer. Went out too far
in the ocean. Drowned
despite his high-priced swimsuit.
A few lessons might have helped.


Artist trading card, 2014.

Artist trading card, 2014.


12 thoughts on “Tanka 34

  1. Yes, I did have a model in mind, and then it expanded to include so many I have met over the years. People often overestimate themselves. And as a former lifeguard, to get to the specific context here, well, I saw a lot of people who think they can swim until they…can’t.

  2. Thank you. I have now added Stevie Smith to my list to learn more about after looking her up, and I feel flattered this poem reminded you of hers. Current events combined with my lifeguarding days so long ago somehow brought this tanka poem to the surface.

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