A collage poem from January, 2017.

"Enthralled". January, 2017.

“Enthralled”. January, 2017.


It didn’t matter
the hands and feet
I could not resist the
queen of magic gone wrong.


9 thoughts on “Enthralled

  1. Oh library cards! I love the convenience of the electronic swipe cards but I miss the tactile nature of and inherent history of both library cards and index cards. I remember as a small child – 6 or 7 tops – rifling through the index card drawers and marveling at all the possibilities of books I could read. E-catalogues just don’t cut it.

  2. As you know I LOVE the library and I have really enjoyed using these cards for all kinds of things. Each time I do, I think of reading and especially my early years of library-going, when these cards were what was used.

  3. I love libraries, too. The cards do bring back memories–all of the public libraries, but also my elementary school library. I remember stamping the date with the ink stamper there. 🙂

  4. I volunteered in my son’s school library when he was young and I also used the ink stamper. What a fantastic tool, if I may say so. And what a thrill is was to use it, even being about 35+ years old at the time, but I felt like a kid. Getting a treat!

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