From the poetry collection published in 2015, Look Winter in the Face.


The poor man he must be exhausted
or have heart disease
or serious sadness weighing on him
to sit down and
groan in such a manner
Sounded like he was going to die
and all he did was sit down
here in the library.
I flick my eyes:
he is reading the paper
seems fine.
In the library
the most timid little noise
flexes its muscles and then
it punches you
you know
The library is
to be

Horsham library #4 small 10-15

Horsham Township Library, PA, 2015.


8 thoughts on “Context

  1. I love that it could be heart disease or sadness. The way emotions have a physical effect on us is interesting. My kids observed just recently that I have reached the age where I make noises when I get up or down from certain positions. I am not in any sort of physical discomfort when I move so I have no idea why I make the noises. Very weird. And now, of course, I am self-conscious about it and try to stop myself doing it.

  2. I have become very interested in how illness affects behavior or vice versa. Some things the body seems to do all on its own and yet are ascribed a reason. Also, I try to remember that appearances don’t tell the whole story. Love your mention of “verbalizing”. Me too. I don’t even know it until like you some asks if something’s wrong!

  3. I wondered too, and I watched him for a while, but I think he just habitually lived his life to a soundtrack of sighs and groans, all unconscious, but kind of worrying…and in the silence, it seemed even bigger.

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