Playing the Charade

Postcard snippet from October 2016.



16 thoughts on “Playing the Charade

  1. Well, you’ll love me. I never get the joke. I am painfully literal. At least in my relationships with people. Makes me easy to tease (but I don’t like it, just saying, so please…)

  2. There’s something a bit sinister about people who always have the answer. They must never be able to appreciate something for what it is, always looking behind it to see where the catch is.

  3. I love the card/snippet. They look like masks set up on case and talking together, which it what I’d imagine, and that they’d be a bit catty.
    But also, the word “charade” makes the song from the movie, Charade go through my mind. Then I picture Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant, and how can that ever be bad? 🙂

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