From the poetry collection published in 2015, Look Winter in the Face.


Green scarf, no hat
short black coat
black leggings
tall and thin
walking quickly to the parking lot
those legs switching back and forth short-stepping the distance
I can’t hear her heels striking the pavement
not through this double-paned window so
I supply the sound
from inside my own head.
This lady in a hurry
I know nothing about her
She carries no purse no briefcase no shopping bag
no knapsack filled with books no computer case
no suitcase no bowling bag no art satchel no quiver of arrows.
I imagine chasing after her
to find out
if anything from the list above



I made these hand-quilted bags back in the 1990’s.



10 thoughts on “Classification

  1. Then I would have assigned you a grocery store tote bag and cleared the way into the bread section for you, now that you are classified! I really like watching people as they come into the store, the different ways they walk, etc., and I wonder what they are shopping for, who, and so on.

  2. There are so many people in a hurry. For no reason that I can see, usually, but driven by some internal clock or engine or force, that sometimes seems that it may have gotten stuck. This is from a person who is making it her business never to have to hurry any more, after a lifetime of being frantic about “getting somewhere”…

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