Cast and Directed By

From Look Winter in the Face, a collection published 2015.

Cast and Directed By

I see her again that woman I don’t like
I don’t want to talk to her I dislike her
Why is she here and making me
I hope I won’t have to
Not again so soon after
What luck I evade her glance
she didn’t see me
she can’t make me
what luck and so
I am not here.
I don’t exist
but I’m the one
grabbing up my bag and
scuttling away
so annoyed my hands shake
I feel her gaze on my back
though I’ve left the room

Postcard, March, 2016.

Postcard, March, 2016.


8 thoughts on “Cast and Directed By

  1. Thank you. I am trying very hard to avoid this thinking or behavior. Harder than it seems at times. But as I remind myself, time is passing and if I can’t walk through my life with a straight gaze now, when will I? It’s up to me.

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