From Look Winter in the Face, a poetry collection published in 2015.


Taking pictures
and we are not dressed in the outfits
you want so
we go back and change.
our hair has come out of the barrettes and now
falling in our eyes.
Hair brushing needed
the barrettes scraped along our scalp and fastened
nice and tight. Our hair hurts.
Standing together
one of us stooping and it’s me
Can’t you stand up straight this once you say
and I can’t and you snort exasperated and
come around behind me and
pull my shoulders back hard.
We hold our hands in front of us elbows bent
in a nice pose like you showed us
but placing ourselves too far apart
Move you say move over to the left to the left to the left
and almost the shutter clicks but
we are crying

Stick ladies, August, 2016.

Stick ladies, August, 2016.


6 thoughts on “Camera

  1. I have made lots of these woodburned stick ladies as well as painted one. Since I was a child I’ve liked making things out of what I find around me. My husband gave me a woodburning tool set and last summer I finally got to using it. I have more sticks waiting…

  2. There is something about the stick lady creation process that focuses on hairdos. Or my latent hairdressing talents are finally finding their place (this from a person with hair less than 1 inch long…)

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