From the poetry collection published in 2015, Look Winter in the Face.


The light snow the gray light
before the sun
The red fox appears to stage left
crosses at a businesslike pace
glancing side to side
stylish and full of verve
disappears stage right
His part in this production

"Winter Scene" - linoleum block print, @ 2000.

“Winter Scene” – linoleum block print, @ 2000.


8 thoughts on “Cameo

  1. Winter has been peculiar this year I think. Chilly, grey and wet isn’t my kind of winter. We have a family of foxes in our street. I love seeing them but I can’t say I enjoy their late night screeching.

  2. They live in a den way off back in the trees (we are near a creek and it’s kind of a no man’s land). I also saw a mother fox and two babies a couple of springs ago at the park, and I was able to get a good look, or rather, they all just stood and looked at me!

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