Bus Stop Moment

From the poetry collection Look Winter in the Face, 2015.

Bus Stop Moment

stating the obvious is her talent
the woman
could not resist
putting her skills to use and
she said
It’s chilly no it’s cold freezing cold
to the January morning
and the rest of us.
No one bothered to answer her
except me
I dislike a silence of this sort
that says
What a stupid remark you have just made
I said
Yes, it is.
No one answered me
not even
the woman who said
It’s chilly no it’s cold freezing cold
in January.

Grey Towers Castle, Arcadia University, Glenside, PA, March 2015.

Grey Towers Castle, Arcadia University, Glenside, PA, March 2015.


11 thoughts on “Bus Stop Moment

  1. Ha! I laughed at this one as I have been both the person muttering at no one in particular about the weather and the one filling the uncomfortable silence that follows someone else making such a comment.

    As an aside, a month after I emigrated to the US, I commented to some people, “It’s perishing out”. They looked at me like I had just spoken in tongues. Thinking it was my accent, I repeated it again more clearly. And again more slowly. Still nothing. It was only once I had left that group and was wandering home that it dawned on me that the problem was the word “perishing” and that possibly we Brits obsess with remarking about the weather to random strangers in a way that Americans do not.

  2. It’s the “perishing” part. I would know that word, especially with your accent giving me the clue, because of my British mystery novel obsession. Remarking on the weather to strangers, now, no problem, especially if you’re both running through a downpour or slogging through a snowstorm…!!!

  3. It happened to me just a few weeks ago. A man making loud comments about the tram being late, and looking at me. When I said, because nobody else was going to say it, ‘yes, it often is’, he looked away. I felt like slapping him.

  4. Yes. People feel they have to get their two cents worth in and then don’t want to progress to an actual conversation. I say, don’t talk, if you aren’t prepared to hold up your end of things!

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