Haiku 198

There is room for six
at the table where just one
sits to eat dinner


Tables and condiments, Philadelphia, PA, @ 2002.

Tables and condiments, Philadelphia, PA, @ 2002.


19 thoughts on “Haiku 198

  1. At home my problem is solved – we have only one table. But, I am never alone, if I have a book. Or, sometimes, I just like to be with my thoughts, and look out the window…

  2. The occasion hasn’t presented itself for years and years, but when I couldn’t avoid it, I’d always be too self-conscious to do anything but keep my head and down and get it over with as quickly as possible.

  3. This photo is actually really pretty old, I’d say, 12 or more years, and it was taken at Broad and Chestnut streets, where the old Marathon Grill restaurant was -these were their tables outside along Chestnut.

  4. Well, you call me up anytime and I’ll come with you to lunch, and that would achieve two goals – we could finally meet, which would be so great, and – I’ll keep you so occupied with my great (!) conversation that you’ll forget you’re out.

  5. I think that scene could either be interpreted as poignant or as peaceful. It made me think, “No man is an island … unless (s)he chooses to be”. I like the ambiguity.

  6. There are few people I would rather meet in a café than you. If ever I get across the Atlantic, which isn’t likely but you never know, I’ll be in touch. If you want to cross it in the opposite direction, we have lots of cafés here too.

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