Haiku 199

Fancy neighborhood.
A clothes line in the back yard.
No, it’s not allowed.


Mail art postcard, 2016.

Mail art postcard, 2016.


6 thoughts on “Haiku 199

  1. When I first heard about those rules, I was flabbergasted. I do remember from my childhood in the suburbs neighbors coming to blows over the way they kept their yards…(K)

  2. I have a clothes line in my back yard and so many people commented when I first put it up that I realized it’s a rare thing to do in these parts. I’ve always line dried when weather permits plus it’s eco friendly and saves on electricity spending. I don’t get why it’s a rare thing here when there are more good drying days available. Anyway, I know from friends that certain neighborhoods have housing associations that would forbid the erection of clothes lines and one even told me she wasn’t allowed an American flag or potted plants on her porch. I’m so glad I don’t live in a place with a housing association. I’d have to launch a rebellion.

  3. Yes, in my childhood having a clothesline was a sign you were not well off enough to afford a dryer (or that you were old, like my grandmother, and refused to move with the times!). I had one for a while here. And I would not move to a neighborhood where there are so many restrictions because I am sure I would always be on the outs!

  4. I think it all depends on the neighborhood. Obviously if you belong to a place with a homeowner’s association you went into it happy to conform with the rules though if you are me, you would eternally be afraid of doing the wrong thing – not a good place for me! My neighborhood is a mishmash of extra care and less so, but we all pretty much get along.

  5. Yes. I would be arrested for something within a week and probably be driven off in the police car still protesting about how stupid the rule was that I broke. No. I must stay away from planned communities.!!!

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