Haiku 197

After five o’clock
the staff rushes down the stairs
propelled by relief


"Office Window View" - mixed media, @ 2005 (?)

“Office Window View” – mixed media, @ 2005 (?)


8 thoughts on “Haiku 197

  1. Thank you. I made the collage some time ago – inspired by the view from my husband’s office at the time, Broad and Chestnut in Philadelphia, a very familiar place to me as I also worked there in the past. And I think this haiku sums up exactly what I saw back when I worked in the office and then was reminded of when I visit the city, every evening… like people cannot WAIT to put distance between work and – everything else!

  2. Records are set every day at this time, for fastest stair descent, pushing on to train cars (various strength classes), and of course fastest exit from the parking garage!

  3. Thank you. The original view was from my husband’s office, a few years ago, down to the street. But I changed things a little. As for the poem, I worked in the city myself for many years and I was one of those people running for a train…

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