Big Head Sheep Mind Swap

From the poetry collection Look Winter in the Face, published in 2015.

Big Head Sheep Mind Swap

As I look out my office window
down on the people crowding around the entrance
to the building why are they all
in line
inching patiently along illustrating
I see
the herd instinct and conformity.
I am contemptuous of them and I snort.
I reconsider
the matter
I did hear that one of the double doors
in the entrance
had jammed itself shut
this morning.


Clay tile, sheep-like animal. 2015.

Clay tile, sheep-like animal. 2015.


12 thoughts on “Big Head Sheep Mind Swap

  1. I like the way the poem pivots on a fulcrum. The ambivalence of the narrator, shifting between contempt and compassion, mirrors my own thoughts about sheep which are adorable and appealing yet definitely dopey and annoying at times because of that. I have spent many wasted moments stuck on a single track road because of sheep refusing to move just willing one of them to decide to step aside knowing the others would follow if only one would think for itself.

  2. Yes, and people are the same way. I have seen a line of people squeezing through the one door when all it took was someone to wrench open the other one. This poem came from watching just such a situation when I was visiting my husband’s office building.

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