Tanka 33

Tanka 33.
Written today and dedicated to my husband’s hurt leg and its healing!…

Snapped tendon. The leg
disobeys direct orders.
The foot occupies
alien territory.
Heal this divide. Walk again.

This tanka appeared as part of Chapter Five in the chronicle of my husband’s torn left quadriceps tendon. Look here if you want to see more about it.


9 thoughts on “Tanka 33

  1. Yes, it is, and I am very grateful for how everyone has been sympathetic and supportive. I need to remember to say so in the next chapter, because the blog world is helping me in so many ways. And the leg is working away to heal, I know – I like the idea of this being a chant. I will try saying it when I am redoing the brace or whatever. It is truly a divided leg – with this tendon snapped, the upper and lower halves cannot communicate.

  2. Thank you. My husband has a high tolerance for pain and so he’s really handling it well. I have to make sure he is not overdoing it, in fact, for this reason. To me the thought of some internal part “snapping” gives me the shivers, just thinking about it.

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