Be Off

From Look Winter in the Face, poetry collection published in winter, 2015.

Be Off

You must have your eyes examined
they told me
Glasses won’t help me
I can see what I want to see
and out of the haze in the distance
a shaft of sunshine
proved me right.

Artist trading card, 2013.

Artist trading card, 2013.


8 thoughts on “Be Off

  1. With all the changes in my vision in the last 2+ years, retina surgery, cataracts, new glasses, new eyes – I am sometimes still adjusting to how differently I see than I have most of my life. You think your vision is kind of static, but…no. Just like that inner kind of vision, it evolves, too…

  2. With my vision issues I have decided to make of every sight all that I can. And not focus on deficits. And I learned just this lesson the poem expresses, in several senses of “what I want to see”!

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