Tanka 23

Three eggs waiting
in the refrigerator
The tight swift swing up then down
the tap against the bowl’s edge


"Breakdown City" - digital drawing, approx. 2000.

“Breakdown City” – digital drawing, approx. 2000.


13 thoughts on “Tanka 23

  1. I like the poem and the illustration which strangely seems to fit an allegory (that I imagine) of hundreds of people using lifts with the fear that it will break in mid flight and they’ll shoot to their deaths. Just like eggs.

    • Yes! I did this digital image maybe 17 years ago as part of a series – there are maybe 10 related ones or so – for an exhibit held in City Hall in Philadelphia about digital art. I came across the images not too long ago and thought, you know, I still like these.

    • Thank you. This is pretty old stuff – I haven’t done things like this for some time. But for a while I did do a lot! It starts with a digital drawing, really kind of simple, and then I cut, paste, layer, and so on, rearranging, angling, changing colors. Each original simple image leads to a series, in this way, because I save ones I like, then morph them some more, or else start over with the original. This leads to a lot of “siblings”. Then I start the process over with a different simple drawing . It’s really absorbing to do this kind of work. Addictive.

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