Tanka 23

Three eggs waiting
in the refrigerator
The tight swift swing up then down
the tap against the bowl’s edge


"Breakdown City" - digital drawing, approx. 2000.

“Breakdown City” – digital drawing, approx. 2000.


13 thoughts on “Tanka 23

  1. I like the poem and the illustration which strangely seems to fit an allegory (that I imagine) of hundreds of people using lifts with the fear that it will break in mid flight and they’ll shoot to their deaths. Just like eggs.

  2. I have a recurring dream where I’m in an elevator that goes out of control, up, down, tumbling, or even like it’s on a track, and I as as well as any other passengers ( sometime I have company and other times not) are terrified but I never get hurt or smashed like these poor eggs. Thank goodness.

  3. Yes! I did this digital image maybe 17 years ago as part of a series – there are maybe 10 related ones or so – for an exhibit held in City Hall in Philadelphia about digital art. I came across the images not too long ago and thought, you know, I still like these.

  4. I think we all have anxiety dreams, and even when our fears might be very similar, the dreams pick on different objects. I tend to lose people in crowds, or have horrible things happen to them. Very gory. Like the other night I dreamed that Finbar broke his back in a bad fall, and when we tried to bend his spine the right way (you do that kind of thing in dreams) he split in half the other way. Absolutely disgusting.

  5. Thank you. This is pretty old stuff – I haven’t done things like this for some time. But for a while I did do a lot! It starts with a digital drawing, really kind of simple, and then I cut, paste, layer, and so on, rearranging, angling, changing colors. Each original simple image leads to a series, in this way, because I save ones I like, then morph them some more, or else start over with the original. This leads to a lot of “siblings”. Then I start the process over with a different simple drawing . It’s really absorbing to do this kind of work. Addictive.

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