Another Book? Really?

Yes, once again it has happened. I have just published another collection of poems – the book is called Picture Making. Here is the story of how these poems came to be – I give you an excerpt from the introduction:

One day in August, 2015, I had the idea of snapping a trio of off-the-cuff photos and seeing if the group gave me any ideas to write about. I can’t say why I had this thought – it was just one of those things floating by in the air, maybe, and my mind reached out and grabbed it.

Anyway, it seemed like fun and so I pulled out my camera and took three pictures. Not quite at random, but almost – the first three things that had enough presence to get me to notice them, well – those were the photos that I took.

I went home, looked them over, and wrote. I didn’t study the images, puzzle out a theme, consider their merits. I just started writing. I arranged the photos in an order, wrote about one image, went to the next, connected it in writing to the first, and so on to the third. I looked the resulting poem over quickly, made a couple of changes, and set it aside. I figured I’d come back later and do something with it in the vague future.

But the photo poem idea had gotten a good hold on me. So, I tried it again. And again. I realized I wanted to keep going, so I decided to see if I could keep it up for a year. The result is this collection of poetry, written over that year, August 2015 to August 2016.

As with all my other books, it’s available on Amazon, or you can get a copy from me (depending on postage I might be able to save you some money). And if you are interested in knowing more about what I have in print, take a look here for a round-up of all of them except for the one before this one, and it’s covered here.

And thank you, as always, for reading my work, whether in print or on the blog.


17 thoughts on “Another Book? Really?

  1. Thank you. I feel very lucky that technology and so on allows me to do these books. In the past, all of this writing would have just sat in a closet or something and then gotten thrown out. Now, the blog and the self-publishing world have given me a great gift – that of expressing myself and being heard, too.

  2. I know what you mean about work just disappearing. My younger daughter has promised to take care of my work, but who knows? If you have a book, it’s there, already collected.

  3. I recently realized that I have made literally thousands of artworks and sold most of them or else gave them away (aka mail art, etc.) and though I have photos, I have very little actual work as a proportion of what I have made. And what has become of it? I don’t know. This is the kind of thinking that has really spurred me on with poetry books – if nothing else, there are a few places that it exists. My son also has said he will care for my works, but I wanted to go further.

  4. I don’t have even have photos of my early stuff (up to age 25). I just never thought to photo them. A book is really a good idea, but I can’t even manage to get an updated art website going…

  5. Thank you, this made my day, and I hope you enjoy it for a long time. I feel a tiny sense of immortality every time someone tells me something like this, and I really appreciate it. We work for ourselves, but also for others to hear or see our visions, don’t we?

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