Bad Choice

From the collection published in winter 2015, Look Winter in the Face.

Bad Choice

The wind
will blow your hair in your face and spray
dust in your eyes and
make a strange loud noise in your ears
that you don’t want to hear
none of this so you
Stay in the building
preferring to
talk to an empty auditorium through a dead microphone
to someone who you are certain is me
seated in the front row
but it’s not.

"Audience" - acrylics on canvas, 2004.

“Audience” – acrylics on canvas, 2004.


7 thoughts on “Bad Choice

  1. Yes, it does, doesn’t it, with that kind of surrreality they have? I like that. I attempt address, over and over, I feel, how I feel when people (people important to me, not the average person on the street) refuse to see me or work with me the way I am. This is one of those poems.

  2. There aren’t many people I care enough about to worry what they think. It’s been a long process of whittling down ‘friends’ and acquaintances who we really don’t have much in common with. I know I’m pretty outspoken and have very firm ideas and quite an articulate way of expressing them. I come from a long line of poets, brawlers, bar room philosophers and women of wisdom. But I tend to make people laugh too. Husband is not the entertaining type. He’s an intellectual, with a very quirky sense of humour that I like but most people miss altogether. We don’t draw the crowds, especially not in France. We provide our own entertainment, our own support system and leave it at that. Blogger friends are much more my kind of people, and when you think that the blogosphere sifts the entire English speaking world, that I find a few who are my kind of people isn’t so extraordinary.

  3. I have been very grateful for the blog world because my life experience has taught me how hard it is, not to say impossible, to find the kind of people I seem to connect with as far as ideas, etc., just in my everyday “real-world” life. I think pretty much everyone here would say the same, and is grateful for the forum we have here to find like minds.

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