At Home

From Look Winter in the Face, a collection published in 2015.

At Home

Well, lunch is eaten, over and done
By my watch it’s just past one
o’clock in the afternoon
The dishwasher will be full just as soon
as I get the lunch things in it
stacked in neat rows I don’t like disorder or when things don’t fit
together the way they always do in my crossword puzzles or true crime books
filled with meaningful clues and hints and looks
that aren’t a sick child coming home early from school
or the consequences of a broken rule
such as the one about how a red sock should not be washed with white
clothes, or if you leave the room you turn off the light
every time, or that eating mistletoe berries will surely kill you
unless you are a bird, I think, and then the rules would be different. Do you have another minute or two to chat?
I so enjoy talking to someone who is not the cat.

Small wise women figurines, clay, 2009.

Small wise women figurines, clay, 2009.


19 thoughts on “At Home

  1. I made these some time back by shaping clay around my index finger and then adding the features. I made tons of them. I liked their crazy reptilian looks, and I don’t know how they came out that way. I like the idea of women with fish blood…very intriguing…

  2. Logically most writers never find an agent and of those who do, many will never get a decent publisher. The odds are long, but I’m going to keep trying but with no illusions.

  3. You’re right. I will always write because that’s what I do best, but there will come a point when I stop trying to get other people to read it. I don’t know what will happen then. Hope, as you say, that I find a kindly light first 🙂

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