From Look Winter in the Face, a poetry collection published in the winter of 2015.


The snow unmarked and smooth
on the flat roof of the building next door
and the sun coming along at just the right time
to meet me and the trees and the snow with
a whole crowd of shadows of the bare branches slanting
their hard edged shapes across the clean open expanse
just made for such a thing



7 thoughts on “Agreement

  1. Thank you. This is why I am one of those people who never needs a vacation because I get so caught up in my regular life and all the new things I see. Sometimes I wonder if a filter was left out of my brain or what, but I like it this way, and I feel very lucky.

  2. Thank you. It’s a sight I’ve seen so often and I’ve always marveled at – a little process taking place, unnoticed, but still going along anyway regardless of that – and then I did notice, it felt like a secret revealed, almost…

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