Act Zero

From Look Winter in the Face, a poetry collection published in winter, 2015.

Act Zero

So they went to the ballet.
They got free tickets
her husband didn’t want to go
but he gave in and
so they go there
and sit down
in five minutes he is asleep.
It was all right
because the tickets were free.
That’s what she said.

Clay tile - Ballerina in a wide tutu, 2010.

Clay tile – Ballerina in a wide tutu, 2010.


14 thoughts on “Act Zero

  1. We once saw a man sleep through an entire hockey game at Madison Square Garden…it’s loud in there! Ballet is a bit more understandable…(K)

  2. I love that awkward ballerina! Your poem made me think of all the times my Dad would insist on accompanying me to the theatre or to the art house cinema because he thought it was a bit pathetic for me to go on my own and then he would be asleep and snoring in minutes.

  3. Thank you. I think we have all been in the position of nodding off at some event and I say this today because my husband almost missed his stop on the train home tonight for this reason…

  4. Boredom is a state of mind when an activity either under challenges your attention or over challenges. When my students thought an activity or a piece of literature was boring – I would point that out to them. If you are bored then there must be reasons.
    As a Canadian I am not allowed to say hockey is boring. 😀

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