A Moment Apart

Today is the first day of winter. Now I move to posting poems from a winter collection, Look Winter in the Face, published in 2015. For information about this book, look here.

A Moment Apart

A steady fall of snowflakes
here and there and over the hour
I was inside
it’s quite warm today for winter they
landed melted currently are clinging in droplets
to the glass
so if anything was coming
up to the window
behind my back while I was inside
I need to know so
I look out to see
before I go out
and I see
Something has come up behind my back been and gone and
it ran up a disguise of sparkly beads for
the grimy street
out there
where I’m going

Frost on a window, February, 2015.

Frost on a window, February, 2015.


7 thoughts on “A Moment Apart

  1. Thank you! And the photo is something so ordinary (and usually nondescript verging on ugly – the glass door in a parking garage) and the frost transformed it. I just loved the image of it, and the idea of it.

  2. Winter does sneak up on me, as my thoughts typically or on the arrival of Christmas.
    As nondescript as your photo may be, it would make an interesting wallpaper, rotated.

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