Haiku One-Two-Three

From the collection Autumn Opens a Door, from 2015. Having no names, this is how I titled these haiku in the book – they were not a set written together but came up on separate days, being found on pages 85, 113, and 135.

In the pouring rain
no one has an umbrella
that’s too small to share.

The swollen fingers,
the knuckles stiff and reddened
The hand that is mine.

The white-haired woman
held the apple to her nose
for a full review.


2 thoughts on “Haiku One-Two-Three

  1. I always enjoy these vignettes. The one about the hands is particularly striking. The first two lines are an observation that suggests distancing and detachment and then the final line, the reveal of the possession, seems like an epiphany. Just my interpretation of course.

  2. Thank you. The one about hands is drawn from my own and it expresses the sense of surprise I feel when I realize- those are my multi decades old hands, how did this happen?

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