From the collection published in fall, 2015, Autumn Opens a Door.


The old lady
head bowed
shuffles along the sidewalk
as if the sidewalk were a treadmill
with the belt turning
her legs are in motion
she makes no forward progress.
As I move on
I take her with me
a figure
trapped in a journey
that will never end.

"I'm That Old Lady" - mixed media, 2012.

“I’m That Old Lady” – mixed media, 2012.


11 thoughts on “Fixed

  1. I hope we always keep the desire alive to do something. I think a lot of the old folks I pass on the streets around here are on automatic pilot. They do the same things every day out of habit.

  2. Yes, now that I am crossing over into “seniorhood” I can see it too. But I also see them at the gym, at my running events, so on. It’s choice, mostly (once you take out physical limitations and so on). I’m hoping to keep exploring till I drop over…

  3. Thank you. I hope to be the old lady with flowers, not the one on the endless slow journey, but they are two sides of getting older. I see that as myself I am entering this stage of life…

  4. It is a vivid image, and sad, or perhaps poignant.
    I think of my own mom now. Even a brief walk is an effort for her now–definitely not autopilot, but sheer determination.

  5. Thank you. Getting older makes what was easy a challenge and I admire anyone surviving and persevering. And sorrow for this who can’t or have a harder road to travel. I think of my own old age and hope for the former.

  6. I always feel terribly guilty when I have to overtake a slowly ambling elderly person because I need to get where I’m walking to quicker than following them will permit. I worry that me speeding past them is a reminder of their aging. But I’m someone who totally over-thinks things. Maybe they don’t care. Maybe they feel pity for me having to be in a rush.

  7. I am sometimes that slower moving person depending on my arthritic feet. And I am always concentrating on myself more than people going around me although I try to stay out of the way. I think you’re right, each individual has his or her take on it.

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