Snippets and Public Comment

Snippet from September 2016.



13 thoughts on “Snippets and Public Comment

  1. Funny, those weren’t the words those people (men) used when I was young…(no one even notices me now, one of the benefits of being an old lady) (K)

  2. I’ve heard this. “You look…GOOOOOOD!” shouted from a passing truck (decades ago). That what why I leapt on this when I saw it. I was riding my bike along the highway out in the country town where we lived. Probably I knew the kids yelling it, went to high school with them (I thought I recognized the voice. You knew everyone). A relatively benign event. Not as it usually happens.

  3. Oh! I am glad to hear this! I love the idea of this little snippet of thought taking on its own life, that is what I hope for all the things I write, but especially these guys, since they are often so cryptic.!

  4. Thank you. I liked this snippet because it made me think of several different scenes it could be describing. I guess this is what I like about snippeting in general, actually.

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