Even Though

From the collection Autumn Opens a Door, published 2015.

Even Though

This road is closed in by the yellow trees
with leaves dropping from them in such amounts it seems
too many for this number of trees
to have managed to grow
on the limbs they have
never mind sustain that number and keep them
healthy all summer. Twice as many leaves
as I would have thought
Maybe more. The sky turns dark
the great pale moon discreet behind
the yellow trees that close in this road.
The showers of leaves
drifts of yellow bleached to white
as I walk. Tomorrow
there will be nothing between me
and the sky
and the great pale moon
strung in the branches
but tonight the yellow leaves
are endless.

"Last November" - mixed media, @ 2002

“Last November” – mixed media, @ 2002


13 thoughts on “Even Though

  1. Wow for both the poem and collage. I was looking out the back at all the yards full of yellow maple leaves just yesterday. How can one tree have so many? Another of life’s mysteries. (K)

  2. Thank you. I am fascinated by the number of things a tree does and the leaves changing, falling, and returning is a cycle that I find especially reassuring. Somehow seems extra important to me now.

  3. I really like this one–poem and art. Yes, it does seem like the there are more leaves on the ground than there could possibly be on the tree. I suppose because they are layered and scattered on branches when they are on the tree. I like to think about the cycles, too. I get excited when I begin to see the first buds appear in the spring.

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