Tanka 22

Your overworked feet.
Despite their shouts of distress
you chose to go on.
Tonight you sit. Swollen joints
soak in ice water. You swear.


Mixed media, July, 2016, 6" x 6".

Mixed media, July, 2016, 6″ x 6″.


12 thoughts on “Tanka 22

  1. Thank you. I have trouble with my feet, arthritis and so on, and I sympathize with everyone who has to spend the day on their feet. Especially women because our shoes do not always support us.

  2. Both your poem and painting capture that awful ache that comes from being on your feet all day. When I was teaching High School, I often used to drive home in bare feet because I couldn’t stand having shoes on my feet any longer. The shoes seemed to accentuate the throb. Since my pregnancies destroyed my pelvis, it is now my pelvis and hips that I have cause to complain about.

  3. Now I am hoping at least your feet are doing better! We all have weak points in our bodies, feet, hands, eyes, hips, and I think this foot poem is easily translatable to any aching body part, especially the aches that come from being put to hard work!

  4. Thank you for everything. I remember seeing sales ladies at the department store when I was a child (1960’s) and their high heeled shoes, thinking even then how much their feet must hurt. The image has stayed with me all this time. And I picked this collage because I think not only do the lady’s feet hurt but maybe also the chair’s do too.

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