From Autumn Opens a Door, a collection published in fall, 2015.


The excess
the superfluous
the grace notes
all stripped away.
Let’s see
what remains
what is indispensable.
The framework
the structure.
The wind, the clouds, the blue sky,
The leaves crisped and curled by the frost
that covers the ground.
The tree that stands alone.

Spooky tree, formerly standing in Robinson Park, Wyncote, PA. Picture taken @ 2001.

Spooky tree, formerly standing in Robinson Park, Wyncote, PA. Picture taken @ 2001.


13 thoughts on “Distill

  1. Thank you. Sorry about reblog being nonexistent. I had to get rid of it after some episodes. But about the poem, funny, it’s a year old but as I see the weather this AM, it fits. Things repeating.

  2. Yes, I agree. I think when I write something, I try to get everything down I’m thinking, and I notice when I go back to it, I always cut, hardly ever add. Sometimes I even have to make one poem into two, since in the initial writing I muddled up two ideas into one. I associate fall and winter with paring away, that’s where this poem came from, but I like thinking about it now in the way you framed it, the act of writing itself.

  3. It’s amazing how just a shift in thinking from falling and dying to paring and distilling can create freshness. All to say I really like this poem…(loved the grace notes reference)…

  4. Thank you. This poem means a lot to me. I think it is important to try to see through the layers while acknowledging their importance and contributions. The grace notes thought comes from a long ago time when I was involved in music – a layer from inside my own past.

  5. Grace notes are a layer from my past too. I can relate to an idea of layers. For me I think of the ones that have fallen away,for better or worse, and find myself wondering which ones might reemerge or already are…seeing through or beyond the layers…I ‘ll need more time for that…hopefully I ‘ll get there…thanks for your reflections on this 🙂

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